Monday, 9 September 2013

Kindle Romance Cover End-of-Summer Catch-up!

Hello you lovely readerly and coverly-loverly folk - we're back!

Okay, so that didn't feel like quite so long a 'holiday' as it should have done, but if the kids (others', not mine...I have none of those!) are back at school that probably means I need to hang up the flip-flops, stop overdosing on Bones reruns and find me some purdy Romance covers to share with you all.

I didn't give up on cover-hunting over the holidays, don't worry - plenty covers from around the genres added to my Cover Lover Pinterest board!


Both of these are cute, sweet and clean and use that bright blue with just a punchy little highlight of red or pink to set it off. You get a sense of blue-sky optimism from these covers, with a little passion thrown in.

Title: I Dream of Johnny
Author: Juliet Madison
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Cover Artist: Unkonwn
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Title: Olivia
Author: Paola Calvetti
Publisher: Ediciones Martinez Roca
Cover Artist: Unknown
Genre: Contemporary Romance


There are so many!! I really just couldn't pick from them all. So much gorgeous cover goodness! Here's a sampling from just the past week...

And of course, it couldn't be KRCOTW without a Pick of the Week...


Title: Left
Author: T.R. Graves
Publisher: Amazon/Self-Published
Cover Artist: Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art
Genre: New Adult Romance


Thumbnail-ability: 3.5
Font & Text: 4.5
Genre-fit: 4
Overall Composition: 3.5
Overall Concept: 3.5


What's to love...
Clean, simple, pretty but strong. I think what I liked best about this cover was the fact it was just somewhat different than the usual formula. No couples embracing, no cowboy or kilted rogue looking back over his shoulder. The ribbon feels a bit more like the tenuous connection between two people and not too bondage-y (something I think we're all pretty much over these days!). Simple body language with just two hands. Maybe she's pulling him. Maybe he's reaching out to her. Or maybe both? Nice simple palette. Very pretty brush-script for the title. I don't even mind the little embellishment under the author's name, as it grounds the whole area of text.

Let's see what next week brings us!

Now, off to even out my sandal-tan in the last of the late-summer sun. Oh that's right. It's raining. *sigh*

Is it nearly Christmas yet?