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Kindle Romance Covers of the Week

I can't resist it any longer. I've just got to do some eBook cover art 'reviews' before I bust! I had a wander through the latest Romance releases on Amazon (UK), and thought I'd pick out a few that caught my eye - for good or ill. I didn't manage to get ALL the way through all 300 pages of new eBooks, but decided to concentrate on everything published in the past week starting from the 'Hot New Releases' section on

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The list on Amazon is a mixture of traditionally published and self-published books, so you might think it's not exactly a fair fight. But I was pleasantly surprised how the quality of self-pub covers is going up (in places *ahem*). There are still plenty of clangers out there, but I'll try to be kind!

DISCLAIMER: Any and all of the below thoughts expressed are based entirely upon my personal opinion and on the cover artwork alone. As these books have just barely been published, I leave the judgement of their contents up to the readers...

But first..

Sensing a Trend Here...

Ladies...seeing this pose a number of times. Is this like...a thing? Do I need to dust off the old thigh-master workout? And seriously...WHO has legs that long?

Prettiest Cover

I love the delicacy of the blossoms with the text. It surprised me even more to discover that this is actually a somewhat dark-sounding M/M romance! Intriguing. Not sure if the juxtiposition of the cover with the story blurb is a mismatch or a clever hook...

Best of Black & White

I liked both of these for different reasons. Bound to be Punished looks like it follows in the 50 Shades 'tradition', but unlike so many 'erotic romances' (read: people get tied up), this cover is tasteful, sensual and beautifully photographed.

The cover for Taste of Love by Stephanie Nicole is just too cute. Different, and how many romance covers do you see where the guy is wearing a hat? And if they weren't both half-naked, I get the feeling they'll break out into a rumba any second now.


Scandal in the Recency Ballroom - Louise Allen: I loved the pose and attitude of the model for this one. I am FAR from being any sort of expert, but is she really wearing regency dress? I usually think empire-waistlines, but I might be wrong. Still, it's a strong image and it sits well against the text.

Alpha Girl - Kate Bloomfield: Got to love that amber eye staring out at you! In a world of thumbnails, a cover like this catches your attention, which is exactly what you want. It also sits well for me as it's cross-genre, and I can instantly pick that out the moment I see it.

Fever - Maya Banks: A very pretty, minimalist cover, and gets us away from all the embracing couples!! Nothing wrong with embracing couples, of course, but as you've probably already guessed, I'm a mixed-genre kinda gal, and I like a cover that's unique with a hint of mystery.

My Pick of the Week

I've selected Unraveling by Micalea Smletzer as my favourite for this week. The composition is strong and emotive. The contrast between her skin and hair great, and then the light detail motifs and the text just set the whole piece off. I loved the little detail of unraveling below the text, which itself follows the theme of its title. Split into three, it's as if the title itself is unraveling. I love it when the concept is taken right through, but not in a hit-you-over-the-head sort of way.

Aaaand just for fun...The Abs of the Week Award!

Because...we can.

P.S. I've linked all the pics to the 'Look Inside' on Amazon, so you can see all these lovely covers up close and in full detail.

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