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Kindle Romance Covers of the Week - 13 April 2013

Had some fun last week, so here we are again! Trolling through the ridiculously huge number of freshly published Romance Kindle books from the past week. Seriously, folks - do you even KNOW how many books come out in a week now? And how many of those are going to be any good?

Well, that's not my concern for now - I'm only interested in which ones are decidedly PRETTY. 

My disclaimer, as before: I have nary a clue whether the following titles are any good, or should instead be re-purposed as virtual loo-roll or so much digital compost for your game of Farmville.

But first...some TRENDS:

The All-Seeing Eye

I find this homage to the Dark Lord a particularly disturbing and icky trend (four, in a week?!), considering these are meant to be ROMANCE, baby! Perhaps opticians find these particularly sexy? I expect, in hindsight (ha!), these authors may regret the use of ONE BIG EYE on their front covers?

The Upside-down Backwards Spidey Smoochers

I'm seeing this a lot. Reminiscent of the Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst famous upside-down-Spider-Man-kiss, I suppose the pose does lend itself to an interesting composition. But have you ever actually tried kissing anyone like this? Not only does it feel...weird, you end up staring at their chin, which has you instantly imagining that you are now kissing an alien creature which has a very small head, and no other facial features other than some ENORMOUS HUMAN LIPS. That, and you might chip a tooth. Disorientation etc. 

Okay, on to some of my favourites from this week...

Runners Up (so many!!)

Title: Killer Smile
Author: Anita Bell
Publisher: Amazon/Self-Published
Genre: Comedy/Romance

I picked this one out partly because it caught my attention (PINK FUZZY DINO FEET SLIPPERS!!! Need I say more?), but more because I thought it captured the comedy/romance genre mix well. Whether it's actually funny or not - you tell me!

Title: The Hot Scot
Author: Kate Eden
Publisher: Kate Eden
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Vampire

I just thought this was a great piece of graphic design, really. Bold contrast, cute tartan highlight, and great choice of font for the text. Hot Scottish vampire meets sexy art curator? Might be an interesting read!

Title: All I Want Is You
Author: Elizabeth Anthony
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Genre: Historical Romance

I know, there are plenty of scantily-clad-ladies-type covers out there, but I thought this one was particularly good. Following the trend to more minimalist colouring (thanks again, Ms James), your eye is more focused on the sense of fragility and insecurity in the woman's pose. There's something going on emotionally, which draws me in. The font-choice is also to be commended - with the story set in the 1920s, the Art-Deco style is fitting.

Title: Dear Thing
Author: Julie Cohen
Publisher: Transworld Digital
Genre: Contemporary Romance

This is definitely a beautiful cover, photographically and compositionally. I was in two minds about it, though, as it's one of those covers you're supposed to think is beautiful. Almost a little too 'sweet', if you know what I mean. As if someone polled every woman on Pinterest and made a composite image of the most popular pins. But the story itself centers around a woman desperate for a child and how her attempts to have one affect her relationships with those around her. So I have to say, if the little shoes fit...

Title: Exile
Author: Muffi Beyer
Publisher: Amazon/Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary Romance

What with the Captain Jack Sparrow sailing ship on the horizon, I wouldn't have taken this for a Contemporary Romance, but it is! A closer inspection shows the composite nature of this cover, but I felt it was very well put together. The title married with the image creates a certain intrigue. Nice use of a single-word title, and well-balance, nicely contrasting composition.

And Finally...

My Pick of the Week

Title: Angel Fall
Author: Susan Ee
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Genre: Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic Romance

Another Hodder & Stoughton title, this was a done-deal the second I clapped eyes on it. It's just...delicious. What can I say? Simple, elegant, mysterious. Textures and colours...yum. It is just so darn PRETTY. I am incapable of dissecting it any further other than I LIKE IT. A lot. If you could just bottle it, you'd be very rich.

Part of a series, this book is apparently fairly hotly anticipated, and it looks like I might just have to read it sooner or later. Published this week in the UK and already 222 reviews with a 4.5 star average? They can't all be wrong, just sayin'. 

Wait...not quite done! Can't forget...of course, our...

Abs of the Week Award!

Okay, I admit it. I'm cheating this week. This one is pure 'back-abs' (IS there such a thing?!). But I figured y'all wouldn't mind.

Though however pretty the cover is, this is one very poignant reminder of the importance of DOUBLE-CHECKING spelling! Can you spot it?

Have you had any publishing typo-horror stories happen to you?

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  1. As an unashamed "judge a book by its cover"-er (that's real English, I swear), I loved this post! I'll stay tuned for more.

  2. Hi Beatrice! I'm thrilled you liked the cover for THE HOT SCOT. The very talented Lyndsey Lewellen designed it.

    1. Hi Kate - I had to restrain myself from putting your other cover up too - they're fantastic! And I have to say I'm thoroughly intrigued by your plot for this one. Thank you for stopping by! :D

  3. Hello Beatrice! Your Upside-down Backwards Spidey Smoochers section gave me belly laughs. Great cover picks! Angelfall is just so beautifully done.